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Review: The Midnight Library

TItle: The Midnight Library
Author: Matt Haig
Page Count: 304
Publication: September 2020

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Reviewed by Natalie

TW: Suicide attempt, depression

Have you ever wondered what your life would be like if you had made different choices? Do you regret some of the choices you made? Nora Seed finds out. After a suicide attempt, Nora gets the chance to live the lives she would have had based on the different choices she would have made in life. I won’t spoil it by saying what she learns and what happens, but it was definitely an eye opening and thought provoking book.

I’ve always said that when I die, I’d love to see a movie of what my life would have been like if certain things went different ways. After reading this book, I am not so sure if I want that anymore. Again, I realize I am discovering this book later than most people, but it’s a 5 star title for me.

I loved the set up of the book, the growth of the character and what she begins to realize about her life, the honest depiction of depression and suicidal ideation (and attempt), and the concept of second chances. Though the beginning was bleak, the ending left me hopeful for Nora and myself.