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Review: The Last Chance Library

Title: The Last Chance Library
Author: Freya Sampson
Page Count: 336
Publication: August 2021

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I’m going to admit right off the bat that when I started reading this book, I had a reaction. You could argue it was not a nice reaction but dammit, I’m tired of stereotypes when it comes to librarians! (I’m looking at you Tomes Scones and Crones.)

But there is also a thing I’m not shy or an introvert. Well, sometimes I can get shy but people read that as being standoffish. But introvert? Not to the point of June.

But perhaps is that because I’m not like June that initially I had a hard time sympathizing with her. “SPEAK UP, WOMAN!” I wanted to yell at her. “GET YOURSELF TOGETHER!” “GROW A PAIR!”

As I got more and more frustrated, I came to the conclusion that I cannot dismiss someone in so much pain and someone whose lost their way.

And that is the genius of Sampson’s work to get you to fall in love with June and want her to become herself and grow while at the same time not seeing overly sappy and sweet. It’s a tight balance to become a real, living, and breathing character as opposed to becoming a caricature.

June grew on me and I went from being grumpy about her to cheering her on. I’m not going to lie but the ending made me cry and June makes choices that you didn’t think she would make, namely how she chooses to liver her life but that’s the good about the book: it is sweetly surprising. Also, the slight romance really does help June grow and become more confident.

If you’re looking for a book that’s sweet and a bit warm to the heart and not complicated, it’s this book. The story is not going to excite you or make you want to change your life but that’s totally okay. Sometimes all we need in our is that sweetness and heart when the world seems so bleak and tired.