Review: The Countess Conspiracy

The Countess ConspiracyTitle: The Countess Conspiracy
Author: Courtney Milan
Page Count: 309
Publication: December 2013
Series: The Brothers Sinister #3

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Reviewed by Natalie

Though this is the third book in the Brothers Sinister series, you don’t need to read the other two to enjoy it. I did not, though I do want to after reading this.
Sebastian and Violet have a wonderful romance. Violet is a scientific genius, but because she’s a woman, she cannot present her ideas. Over the last few years, Sebastian has been doing it for her until he gets tired of lying. To say Violet doesn’t like this turn of events is putting it mildly. Science is the only thing she’s truly passionate about; with good reason. Her backstory unfurls slowly throughout the book.
It was agony getting the bits and pieces of why Violet is the way she is, but when you find out, it’s a doozy. She’s utterly oblivious as to how Sebastian truly feels about her. He has to tell her to her face. Winning her over is by no means an easy task, but Sebastian is the perfect hero for the job.
I love romances; I mean who doesn’t love a happily ever after? Sebastian and Violet’s is a different level of romance for me. It was a beautiful and at times heartbreaking story. I loved every page of it.