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Review: Resistance: How Women Saved Democracy from Donald Trump

Title: Resistance: How Women Saved Democracy from Donald Trump
AuthorJennifer Rubin
Page Count: 416
Publication: September 2021

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Reviewed by Natalie

Washington Post columnist Rubin covers the elections from 2016 to 2020. This is a really interesting book on the surge of women getting politically involved due to the election of Donald Trump. She mainly covers women running for state or national seats. Organizations that were involved or created during this time to assist these women are also mentioned. Filled with facts, but not boring, this kept my attention throughout the entire book. The last few chapters are a bit repetitive, but the rest of the book is a fascinating read into politics and activism.
Though Rubin is a well-known Conservative writer, she gives credit where it’s due to women in both parties. She admits that while she may not agree with some of their beliefs, she admires the women who broke through glass ceilings and became the first woman to win their election. This book is definitely geared to readers who are not fans of the former President, so avoid it if you’re a fan.