Review: One Way or Another

One Way or AnotherTitle: One Way or Another
Author: Portia Macintosh
Page Count: eBook
Publication: February 2014
Series: Nicole Wild .5

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Well. This was…interesting.

I was so enthralled with No Ex Before Marriage that I went looking for Macintosh’s other books. Because her books are released mainly digital, libraries are less likely to buy them, especially when they are platform dependent (Amazon and BN in this case). I coughed up the .99 cents and bought this, Will They Won’t They?, and checked out Life’s a Beach on Prime.

Another insomnia purchase, I was really looking forward to this quick novella.

Well. I was disappointed. The writing was choppy and sometimes incoherent. Macintosh’s well developed writing skills and  humour in No Ex Before Marriage lead me to believe her other books would be as thought out and as well written.

I was sorely wrong.

The plot is thin on the ground and kind of laughable. A 23 year old rock star journalist (this is the believable part; I’ve read works by rock star journalists younger than this) whose best friend is the lead singer of a band and who happens to be the drug taking lothario whose wild night escapades leads him from a hotel to a tattoo parlor and comes across a few sex workers on the way. Nicole Wilde (of course) also meets a true love whom she shags that she has time to shag while chasing Dylan around town.

This is the precursor to other Nicole Wilde books and hoo boy, I don’t think I’ll be running out any time soon to read these.

BUT! The book was released seven years ago, I’ll read her later work for sure.

tl;dr Only read this if you have read the other Nicole Wilde books and want to read a precursor but if not, skip it. Read Macintosh’s later books.