Review: No Ex Before Marriage

No Ex Before MarriageTitle: No Ex Before Marriage
Author: Portia Macintosh
Page Count: eBook
Publication: January 2022

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A charming in one sitting read, I plowed through this book in a short amount of time. This is the first book I’ve read of Macintosh’s and I have snapped up a few of her other romances which I’ll review later.

There is a lot to recommend of this book. It’s well written, there is humour galore between the Poppy, her friends both old and new, and her divorced (maybe) husband Zac, and of course there is the romance between Poppy and a few of her beaus as she tries to move on from Zac.

But she can’t move on, not really, and that is made ever so clear when she flees to Scotland with her new bestie, Kat. She has a few scant days to get Zac to sign the divorce papers, the ones she thought they had signed six years prior but surprise! The paperwork was never filed because her mom thought they would get back together so why do it?

This book intertwines a few different plots and does it well: Poppy and her “Wife Club” old friends, Poppy and her dad and her dad’s decision to start dating after her mother has passed, and Poppy and Zac. It’s hard to write well and juggle one main plot and a few sub plots and Macintosh really excels at this. She also gives a lot of depth to the characters which is something that can also be difficult to do. Macintosh has numerous books under her belt and all were well received so practice does make perfect.

tl;dr If you want a sexy romcom with laugh out moments and an in-depth look at old friends and new-old romances, this is it.