Review: Meet Me in the Margins

Meet Me in the Margins Title: Meet Me in the Margins
Author: Melissa Ferguson
Page Count: 320
Publication: February 2022

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I picked this book up the other night as I wanted something to read that didn’t require a lot of thought process. Meet Me in the Margins fits the bill.

(Dear TK, I hope you were able to get the editing requests done before final publication.)

The book was fun and a delight to read. A fast book, one that I’m always fond of, I started it before bed the other night and finished it the following day. Some odd bits were the stress on Savannah’s shortness and her propensity to wear tall heels when that didn’t get picked up again later in the story so the mentioning of her shortness, at barely five feet, seemed a bit odd, however, it helped propel her meet cute with Will.

I wish there was more development between Will and Sav which seems to have started out as a slow burn and not enough fire to keep it going. The ending just kind of happened. Sav’s relationship with her ex-boyfriend now potential brother in law was too close for comfort. I know the family motto was loyalty for family and to buck up and keep your chin up but there should have been more angst and pain rather than “Oh, he brought me flowers. How kind.” situation going on. Her sister, Olivia, is a nightmare and I’m glad she got taken down a peg or two.

The mix-up with Sam and his lady friend was sweet. While I was not so crazy about how Ferguson treated Sav with her family, I did love the loyalty she had for her friend Layla the soon to be country music queen and the lengths she would go to support her. Also, Layla sounds like good fun. More of her please.

tl;dr I feel like this is not an original story but I can’t quite place why. I feel like the setup is not new but I do like Ferguson’s version of the story quite a bit. The book was well written and except for a few nit picks, the execution was good. There is enough here to investigate reading more of Ferguson’s works. Would recommend.