Book Review Policy

Welcome to We’ll Read Anything Once (Twice If We Like It) book reviews blog! We’re a small team of book lovers who will read just about anything and sometimes twice if we really like it. Below is an overview of our book review policy. if you have any additional question, please feel free to contact us!

P.S. We’re very sweary and we’re fine with that.

What do you review?

When I said almost anything, I literally meant almost anything short of gratuitous sexual violence, rape fantasies, and so forth. Thus we’ll read general fiction, smut, graphic novels, and even westerns. Self-published authors and small presses are also welcome. Everything is open!

We’re also not hell bent on reviewing current or upcoming reads. Older books are also reviewed.

How do you review?

First critical look is at content: Does the book flow? Does the topic make sense? Is the ending satisfying? (We don’t have to agree with the ending or like it but it should make sense for the book.) Packaging and design is not really a huge factor unless it’s really bad, then it will be mentioned.

Reviews are between 500 – 750 words. Review includes: title of book, author’s name, publication year, and page count. We do not provide ISBNs because we read across print, ebook, and audio. Books are linked to GoodReads so you can get more reviews and ISBNs if so needed.

What do you choose to review?

Netgalley, my massive TBR piles that are spawned across many book cases, and library reads.

What do you link to?

The book is linked to its GoodRead’s entry for you to choose where to buy the book. Shop indie! If I find a social media or website for the author, I link to that as well.

I’m an indie publisher, can I submit my books for review?

Absolutely! But keep in mind the following:

  • Books should be professional edited and produced
  • The book is available to purchase, at least electronically, from, at the very least, Amazon. No books sold off the author’s website will be considered
  • There is no schedule for what book will be reviewed when but if you would like it by a certain date, let me know so we can arrange something

With self-published book reviews, EVERYTHING is taken into consideration: Production, editing, and the content. The idea is to let the authors knows what works and what doesn’t work. Heaving bosoms on the cover of a SFF book? Not a good look. One or two typos here or there is fine (and we’ll bring that to your attention privately), but if typos are prominent, yep, it’s getting a public mention.

I understand. How do I get my book to you?

  • If your book is on NetGalley, give me the link and I’ll download it
  • If your book is on Amazon, make the book free or send me a gift certificate for the cost of the book for me to download
  • No epubs or any other format
  • Print is okay but not required

But wait! I have a .mobi file of my book! Can’t I just send that to you?

Yes, you could but keep in mind that .mobi files that are not Amazonized, may not render correctly. Spacing may be off, images may not come across cleanly. If you are absolutely sure that you want to send me that .mobi knowing what I just said, then have at it.

Why are you so mean?

I do not understand this fascination of only publishing books you like in your book review blog. That is not the point of a review! The point of a review is to breakdown what you thought of the book and what worked or didn’t work. If we loved it, we tell you we loved it. If it’s bad, we also tell you why. Therefore, don’t send or recommend any books your not prepared to have a negative review for.

Why do you swear so much?

The adage that swearing is lazy language and lacks civility is pompous twaddle and bullshit poppycock. Science has shown that not only is swearing a sign of intelligence, but it is also good for you! Do words have power? Absolutely, but the idea that there is bad vs good language is absurd.


Last updated March 18, 2021